Local Clay Holiday Sale

     I am a member of the Local Clay Pottery Guild in Bloomington, Indiana. This is an awesome group of super talented ceramics artists. I love being a part of this group!
One of the things I like about it is because it is a group of around 25 ceramics artists and all of us make very different work. It is so fun to see how different people can use the same material and come up with such a diverse collection of work. I also like having this group to learn from. 
Another great part of this group is knowing all of these people who share the same love of ceramics as me! We are so diverse, and it's nice to learn from different kinds of people.
However, the best part is our annual "Local Clay Holiday show"! Each year we take over the Bloomington Convention Center and fill it with pottery. It is a huge show and unlike the typical art fair. We spread our pots together and show off our huge collection of work.
Like everything else in 2020, our show is not going to happen like usual this year. We are going VIRTUAL. Instead of filling the convention center, we are loading up our web pages with artwork available for sale.
The show will kick off at 8 am on November 1st and last throughout the entire month.
Whether you are shopping for yourself and your personal collection or for christmas gifts, we will have something for everyone!